Sponsor A Child


Lifesong’s pledge to the children we serve is that each one would be provided with the food, clothing, medical care, and shelter they need. We also commit to providing Christian training and discipleship, a quality education, and continued love and support as they transition into adult living. Most importantly, Lifesong seeks to bring joy and purpose to orphans by sharing the Good News of the Father’s love and the hope that is offered through life in Christ. 

Sponsor a Child

Why Lifesong Child Sponsorship?

100% Pledge100% of sponsorships received by Lifesong for Orphans goes directly toward caring for orphans and vulnerable children.  Lifesong has been blessed with partners that underwrite all US administrative and fundraising costs (TMG Foundation and other partners).



Frequently Asked Questions

The sponsorship program varies in each country Lifesong works in, based on the situation and the needs of the children. This means that what your child receives also varies depending on the country you choose to sponsor from. No matter the country, your child will have their physical needs met as they receive nutritious food each day, a safe place to live, necessary medical care, and a quality education in a nearby school. Their spiritual needs will also be met as they learn about the Gospel message and as they receive Christian mentoring and discipleship. Finally, your sponsorship will provide emotional encouragement through the knowledge that they are loved and being prayed for on a regular basis.

Upon commitment to sponsor, you will be able to print off a prayer card of your sponsor child through your website account. This card will include a photo, name, and a few basic details about your sponsor child. If you sponsor in Guatemala, India, Liberia, or Ukraine, you will receive this information in a separate email instead of through a website account.

If you choose to sponsor in Bolivia, Guatemala, Liberia, Uganda, Ukraine, or Zambia, you will have the opportunity to write to your child approximately twice each year. You will receive notification and letter-writing instructions from Lifesong when it is time to write to your child. Unfortunately, due to overhead costs and limited in-country staff, we do not have letter-writing programs in Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, or Thailand.

For more information on Child Sponsorship, please email sponsorship@lifesongfororphans.org.