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November 7, 2014

Getting Real About Post-Adoption Depression {Part 2}

This is the follow-up from yesterday’s post “Getting Real About Post-Adoption Depression {Part 1}”. Thanks for coming back to hear the rest of Jenni’s story. She shared with us yesterday about the emotions she felt after the adoption of her daughter and the change and transition that left her feeling like she was drowning. Listen in today as she shares the HEALING God has been bringing to her heart… “I joined a support group for women experiencing grief, which helped to revive my spirit, and also joined my church moms group, which reminded me that mothers of preschoolers desperately need one another.   And let me be honest here.  Parenting a toddler in my 40’s has been much harder than parenting toddlers in my 30’s.   These groups made me feel like I could breathe again.   The sense of drowning began to subside.  A close friend offered to watch our kids twice a month … Continue reading

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November 6, 2014

Getting Real About Post-Adoption Depression {Part 1}

Welcome to our first post in a month-long series in honor of National Adoption Month. Each week, you will hear from an adoptive mom, writing on REAL adoption issues from their personal stories. I hope you’ll follow along and listen to the deep places of their hearts they are so willing to share! To start us off, Jenni Ramsey, Lifesong Adoptive mom and active orphan advocate, gets real about post-adoption depression: “I’ll never forget the phone call.   Our family had just traveled out of state for my mother-in-law’s memorial.   The trip allowed us some extended time with my sister-in-law and her family, who adopted their daughter in China five years before our adoption was finalized in South Korea.   During our trip my sister-in-law saw the signs.  She recognized the symptoms as she spent time with me.  I was suffering from post-adoption depression syndrome (PADS) and she was deeply concerned.  I … Continue reading

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