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June 16, 2017

Adoption and the God Who Moves Mountains | Family Friday

God taught us through adoption that His heart is for the fatherless; He will move mountains to place the lonely in families. My wife Julie saw Ellis’s picture while I was in Rwanda with Compassion, and she instantly felt like he was our son. She tried to push the feelings away; after all, this boy was already 3 years old and had a special need that would require daily care. Try as she might, she couldn’t get this precious face out of her head. She pictured him with our family everywhere — on walks, at the park, etc. Meanwhile, over in Africa (before Julie told me about Ellis) I was talking to my team about adopting again. But, surely this wasn’t the right time. We had just moved, taken a substantial pay cut, were figuring out some new medical issues with Katee, and I was still learning my new job. Yet, we could not ignore the ways God was revealing His plan for our … Continue reading

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February 24, 2017

Book Review: The Orphan, The Widow & Me

Few stories have as much potential to change the way we live as those where God redeems deep heartache for His glorious, eternal purposes. Such is the case with JT Olson’s The Orphan, the Widow & Me. When 12-year-old JT became an orphan after a horrific accident, he couldn’t possibly have understood what God had in store–how the God he did not yet know planned to redeem every bit of the hurt, grief, confusion, and loneliness to impact thousands of families, children, and widows for generations to come. But that’s often how God chooses to work–in the details we don’t fully comprehend. As The Orphan, the Widow & Me demonstrates clearly page after riveting page, often God delights to draw the straightest lines from our deepest griefs to our greatest opportunities. As JT grew, so too did his heart for the vulnerable. His own journey of adopting his daughter, Grace, in China gave him deeper insight into the emotional and financial hurdles … Continue reading

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January 11, 2017

How to Adopt Without Debt

adopt without debt

Let’s preface this post by stating the obvious: Adoption can be expensive with no easy way to pay for it (unless you own the Isle of Maldives). That said, it is possible for the average American family to afford an adoption, and–with a significant amount of determination, prayer, and elbow grease–to pay for it without accumulating debilitating debt. Let’s look at a potential road map to debt-free adoption. 1. Make the need known. Most of us have been hardwired not to ask for money. In fact, we’ve been taught not to trust people who do. So when it comes to adoption, we feel hesitant to ask for help. Yet we may be underestimating what our friends and family want to do to make our adoption a reality. Consider writing a letter to those you know and love. Briefly share God’s heart for the orphan, His call to the church, your call to adopt, the details of your adoption … Continue reading

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July 15, 2016

Breakdowns, Breakthroughs, and Joy | Family Friday

Adoption is a journey, but the steps and the destination are known by your Heavenly Father Who will sovereignly lead you to the child of His choosing in His time. Joe and Leah tell their story– It was a long, rough road, and when we started we had no idea. Shortly after receiving and accepting the referral for our daughter, we received several email from the Department of Justice (and a bunch of other frantic, hopeful adoptive parents). The head of our agency was indicted and the whole operation was being shut down. What about our little girl?! Who would fight for her if we didn’t? After weeks of praying, emailing, and phone calls, we were blessed to be able to transfer her, and us, to another agency. Our case was handled with extra scrutiny and after 2 years of fighting and waiting … having break-throughs and break-downs, we were able to … Continue reading

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April 1, 2016

While The Heart Waits | Family Friday

Brief discussions about God’s heart for the orphans and widows began before Kirk and I were married. Before we knew what hit us, 13 years of marriage had passed and we had three biological kids running around. We began seriously wondering and praying about what role the Lord would have for us in caring for orphans. Then on Kirk’s 36th birthday, with the candles out and a very chocolaty cake being devoured, Kirk stopped mid-bite and said, “If we are going to adopt we had better seriously start praying about this. I’m 36!”  That was three years ago. Little did we know that the Lord would lead us to adopt from Haiti, which seems to have a very slow adoption process in human standards, and yet the most perfect timing in light of our Sovereign Lord.  When we took that very scary first step of faith and began filling out … Continue reading

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March 18, 2016

A Reason Not to Adopt? | Family Friday

I lost my job of 9 years in the middle of our process right as we were getting matched with the child we were pursuing. If it weren’t for the AMAZING Both Hands project and the matching grant we wouldn’t have this sweet boy in our arms today! God truly provided in EVERY way and HIS hand is SO clearly seen in our adoption process. I know without a doubt this was His will for our family! So grateful for everyone who contributed to make this dream come true! Yes, every time we started to doubt because we were so financially strapped God came through. I was sweating the legal fees and upcoming travel costs when we found out that people had donated enough in our Lifesong account that was matched and we could get it sent to our agency! Even in the small things (for instance, we would have … Continue reading

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January 4, 2016

See How Your Giving Impacted Lives in 2015!

Once again, we are humbled by God’s goodness. What you see below is not just an impressive collection of numbers, though we stand in awe of everything God has done. More than that, the statistics below reflect an unwavering commitment to vulnerable children and families around the world, as well as an unapologetic passion for sharing the gospel and love of Jesus. Thank you for taking part in this mission. Here’s what your prayers and gifts have done–  So, again–from the bottom of our hearts–thank you. And since there is still work to be done, we ask you to continue praying for the fatherless and donating to the projects that reach them with the hope of the gospel.

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