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November 13, 2015

3 Side Effects of Being Adopted: My Story

As a little girl–two days before Christmas–I received my forever family via adoption. I’ve spent the last 30+ years of my life joking with my parents that I was the best Christmas gift they ever got, though in reality, I consider it entirely the other way around. Let me say this. I know adoption isn’t always a positive experience for children or families. Many adoptees carry heavy burdens of grief and loss for decades after their adoption is final. I have no desire to minimize that reality. For a few years during my adolescence, I experienced some of the anxiety and insecurity associated with adoption. (Though I’m not entirely sure the anxiety and insecurity wasn’t at least in part the result of being an adolescent.) But I have largely escaped the darker side of adoption due to these 3 side effects of my story– 1. I value the fact that I … Continue reading

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November 5, 2015

Welcome to National Adoption Month!

Here at Lifesong we believe every month is the right time to spread awareness for adoption, foster care, and orphan care, but it’s nice to see that our nation recognizes November as National Adoption Month! So we want to honor this event by highlighting unscripted voices from those in the trenches. Each Friday this month, we will publish a blog post written by someone uniquely involved in adoption. We’ll hear from a birth mother, an adoptee, and an adoptive parent, as well as learn practical strategies the church can employ to encourage those involved in adoption. Do you have something to say? We’d love to hear you weigh in on the conversation. Feel free to comment here on the blog or find us on Facebook or Twitter. Also, please consider contributing to our matching grants for adoptive families, helping give a child the life-changing gift of forever family. National Adoption Month is … Continue reading

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