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March 20, 2016

With Thankful, Broken Hearts | India Update

Last month a group from the U.S. traveled to India to visit with the children of Santhi Nivas and Bethel Nivas, part of Lifesong India. Enjoy this report from Lifesong Program Director, Rich Metcalf– Who takes almost 90 hours to travel over 20,000 miles to spend 3 sleep deprived nights in a foreign country where there will be no sight-seeing other than the travel itself? I’m sure you could (and might want to) answer that question in many different vaguely humorous ways! But the real answer: people ready to have their view of the world, their view of God, and their understanding of the blessings in their own lives challenged, expanded, and even exploded.   What we witnessed was inspiring story after inspiring story of Christ-followers grateful to give of the little they had to bless others who had even less. The common theme of such genuine generosity was the … Continue reading

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December 9, 2015

His Faith Is Now Sight {India Update}

To those who love and support the ministry in India– My name is Beverly (Stoll) Porter. Bob & Siromani are my parents. Many of you may not be aware that Dad was battling cancer this past year. When I started writing this he was still able to give input and guidance, and for that I am so thankful. On the 27th of October Dad went to be with Jesus. You can praise the Lord with us that he went so peacefully in hospice care with our mother Siromani, my brother  Syam, and his wife Gwen keeping vigil with him. We celebrated his life on the 5th of November, and laid him to rest in Niles, Ohio, the city where he was born. God has been so good to all of us through this past year of Dad learning he had cancer and having to go through chemotherapy and radiation. Our … Continue reading

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August 18, 2014

New Students, Same Gospel {Lifesong India}

  This is a very busy time for our six children’s homes in India. Summer vacation has ended and we are now in the process of enrolling 2014-2015 class of children. Of the 580 children we serve, about 100 will be joining us for the first time. They will replace those who have moved on after having completed their education through high school or college.   At least 90% of our children will come from poor, untouchable-caste families with a heritage of idol worship. They come to us looking for food, clothing and a secular education. While in our care, they will receive all of that but will also receive twice-daily lessons from the WORD. In time, many will accept Jesus as the ONE TRUE GOD and will be baptized. We are convinced that it is the “prayers of the saints” that will cause the hearts to become open to the … Continue reading

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February 17, 2014

3 Ways to Advocate for Orphans {Mission Moment}

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.” Isaiah 1:17 (NLT)   Advocate. There are countless ways to advocate for the orphan whether through adoption, sponsorship, in-country orphan care or prayer (just to name a few). Enjoy this month’s Mission Moment as we highlight some of these advocate opportunities…  ADVOCATING FOR THE ORPHAN {Chris Hopf} Chris Hopf, a pastor at Second Baptist Church (Houston, TX) and India Orphan Advocate, shares what it means to be an advocate for orphans abroad and in your own community. Listen in… To learn more about becoming an Orphan Advocate, visit FINDING A NEW FAMILY {Maryjuri’s Story}  Meet Maryjuri, a 13-year-old at Plan Escalon School in Honduras who is learning the power of redemption from her own life’s circumstances. Listen in to hear how God has given her a NEW family and a NEW … Continue reading

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February 11, 2014

Answered Prayers On Vision Trip {Lifesong India}

  Please enjoy this update from Bob Stoll as he shares of his recent trip to Lifesong India, What can we say other than, Praise God! Thank you Jesus!  We just wish our many Lifesong India friends could have experienced the wonderful events of our Vision Trip. We can’t begin to tell you how perfect this visit has been. Our prayers were answered and by God’s grace seven folks including Siromani and me were safely transported to India from Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio. Our purpose was to minister separately to hundreds of adults and children. The focus was basic Bible theology. Our audiences were at our Jyothi Nivas childrens home and at our three-day gospel convention.They were all attentive and eager to learn. Six of our Jyothi Nivas girls who had accepted Jesus as the one true God were baptized and at least that many young adults were baptized … Continue reading

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September 25, 2013

A Lasting Love // Lifesong India

    Please enjoy this video featuring Kumari, once a student at Jyothi Nivas at Lifesong India. While at Jyothi Nivas she learned what it meant to be cared for and how to care for children. Now a widowed mother, she taking the love of Christ she learned while a student and sharing it with a children’s home where she is the head caregiver. Listen to her story… We invite you to share a word of encouragement to our staff at Lifesong India. To do so, please comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall and it will be forwarded to our staff. Thank you in advance for your kind words of support! 

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May 22, 2013

Education: Foundation for the Future

The commitment to provide a quality education to every child we serve is just one of our four pledges we make to “our” kids. We believe that education is a foundation for the future. YOUR SPONSORSHIP MATTERS… Mesaye’s story of hope in the midst of tragedy is just one of many. Thankfully, she is receiving an education and hope for the future because of her sponsor. But the impact goes even beyond Mesaye! Her grandmother, who has no means of providing for her schooling, is now able to witness Mesaye’s growth and trust in her future legacy. Sponsors support a child like Mesaye with quality education, 2 meals a day and exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for only $19/month! When you sponsor a child, you impact a family! To sponsor a child, click here. (100% of sponsorship received goes directly to the need — helping children! No administrative … Continue reading

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