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August 21, 2017

This Little Girl Needs Your Help | Bolivia Update

Yasil came to live at Lifesong Bolivia on October 22, 2013, after being abandoned at the child welfare office. Upon arrival, it was evident that she had suffered a great deal in her short life. Staff and volunteers poured their time and love into this little girl, confident that God had a specific purpose for her life and for bringing her to Fundación Esperanza. And you know what?–God began answering the prayers of His people in magnificent ways. Soon, Yasil began to improve by leaps and bounds. She began smiling, laughing, and learning to walk and eat with a spoon. And this was just the beginning.   Unfortunately, in April 2016, Yasil was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. At doctors’ orders, she immediately began receiving dialysis 3 times a week, and after 16 months of treatment, she received a much-needed kidney transplant last week. Praise God, the surgery went well, and the doctors … Continue reading

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June 26, 2017

See a Family Recently Reunited! | Bolivia Update

Sometimes loving children as Christ loves them means absorbing our own hurts in order to create less hurt for them in the long run.  Specifically, here at Fundación Esperanza–also known as Lifesong Bolivia–a key element in our work is identifying children who could possibly be reunited with a biological family member. On one hand, we love these kids and want them to stay in our care. On the other hand– We know that living in a loving family environment is always better than living in an orphanage. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to see 2 sibling groups leave our care to be reunited with their families. And though our hearts ache for this loss of daily, regular contact with these kids whom we love, we are simultaneously thrilled that these children will know the joy of growing up with their family. Meet one family Most recently, we were involved with the reunification of 5 siblings with … Continue reading

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December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas + video

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the kids! Today, because of advocates like you, children all over the world have hope, health, happiness, and family. From all of us, thank you and Merry Christmas! Your Lifesong family   Related Posts

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July 28, 2016

Moving Day! | Bolivia Update

It was moving day in Bolivia. Both the Boys’ and the Girls’ homes moved into new houses this month. There was an amazing property that became available for the boys, who have been looking for more space for a year, and the homeowner also had a family member with a nice house available for the girls. These opportunities were too good to pass up. Since Bolivia is on winter break right now, it was a perfect time for both homes to pack up and move. It was an “all hands on deck” endeavor as all the staff, boys, and teams of volunteers joined in to help. Both houses required 3 huge truckloads to move to their new spaces. Loading, unloading, and putting things in their place took all day. The relationships formed in a few short days were very profound for all parties involved, and one of the volunteer families have … Continue reading

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April 6, 2016

Forever Families! | Bolivia Update

Enjoy this update from our Bolivia team– Since its inception in 2013, Fundación Esperanza has grown from a single home with 18 babies and toddlers to 4 homes with 60 children in their care. While this growth has helped more children in Bolivia see God’s love through the homes, caregivers, missionaries, and volunteers, we would rather see orphanages shrink than grow!  In November 2015 Fundación Esperanza was blessed with its first ever adoption when Sofia was united with her forever family. After the first adoption, God continued to bless Fundación Esperanza with 4 more adoptions!   Here is our latest adoption story: Andrea came to the baby house of Fundación Esperanza in March of 2014 at the age of 6 months old. She was abandoned by her mother with information of a father. The social worker of Fundación Esperanza began working to identify extended family members for a possible reunification but was unsuccessful in this … Continue reading

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January 11, 2016

A Christmas Celebration! | Bolivia Update

Over the recent holiday, the children in Bolivia were able to celebrate Christmas. For these precious children, the Christmas season was as much about being surrounded by those who love them as it was unwrapping the gifts under the tree. We pray these kids learn more about God this year, and that they know the love and care of people around the world who hold them up in prayer. Join the Lifesong Prayer Team to receive a monthly prayer email. We invite you to share a word of encouragement to our staff in Bolivia. To do so, comment below or on our Facebook wall and it will be forwarded to our staff. Thank you in advance for your kind words of support! Learn more about Bolivia

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July 20, 2015

Mission Moment | Like a Family | Bolivia

  “Fundación Esperanza is like a family to me.” – Liz, Transition Home Liz’s Story Before entering the transition home, Liz worked hard to pay her own tuition for high school. Month after month she spent the first half of each day at her job followed by the second half of her day at school. Both required everything she had, but she made it work. Now that she has entered the transition home, she receives help for her schooling and encouragement for her journey.   Liz now feels like she belongs to a family. She considers T.J., the director of Fundación Esperanza, to be like a father and her fellow housemates like her sisters. She is grateful for this sense of acceptance and love. After graduating from high school last year, Liz is now pursuing computer science. She hopes to help other Christian ministries and orphanages with their computer needs. She is … Continue reading

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