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October 13, 2017

How Facebook Led Us to Our Son | Family Friday

adoption day

It had been nearly a year since we had started our adoption journey when we received a life-changing call from our pastor’s wife.

She told us that a friend of hers on Facebook had just posted that she had an emergency. The emergency involved a woman about to give birth who had made an adoption plan, however, the chosen adoptive family had arrived at the hospital and then backed out due to the possibility that the baby about to be born would have special needs. The friend was looking for a Christian, homestudy-ready family to step up and adopt this baby and help this family in crisis.

At first we couldn’t believe the request. Was it a scam? Was this situation–a Facebook post–really how our adoption was going to happen?

We had prayed at times for God to simply bring a baby to our doorstep as we had not received any possible matches from our adoption agency. After praying together, we stepped out in faith and decided to give the family the link to our information on our adoption agency’s website to see if they wanted us to come to the hospital.

5 minutes later the adoption agency called us to say that the family wanted us to come to the hospital about an hour and a half away. 

Meeting James

Soon, we were in the car and on our way. We didn’t have any information about the adoption situation yet. Would it be a girl or boy? What were the extent of the needs? What were the birthparents going to be like?

We received an e-mail soon thereafter that a baby boy was born and he appeared healthy. Upon entering the hospital room, we were greeted by the woman taking the newborn baby photographs. “Would you like to see your son? Isn’t he beautiful?” We immediately began crying and hugging his birthmother and grandmother. We all hit it off so well and spent the next two days together passing our sweet little boy around in the small hospital room and meeting the rest of the extended family and friends. It was an unusual yet beautiful experience being there celebrating the joy of a baby’s birth yet supporting a family in the sadness of a situation where his birthmother could not care for him like she wanted to and would be placing him with us to raise.

We gave our son a middle name in his birthmother’s honor.


James is a true joy and blessing in our lives. His smile lights up a room and his giggle is contagious.

Our adoption journey has, without a doubt, included some of the most difficult moments and the most rewarding moments of our lives.

We SO appreciated the financial help from Lifesong as this helped us make our adoption possible.

Thank you for sharing your story and for reminding us that God is always at work–even in (and especially in) the details of our lives. We are thankful for little James and his life, and we look forward to what his future holds. 

Be God’s answer to a child in need.


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