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Both Hands

Watch this video to see how a project works and learn the compelling story behind Both Hands.

How It Works:

Both Hands helps families fundraise for their adoptions. A family gathers a team of volunteers and Both Hands coaches them to coordinate a service project fixing up a widow’s home. Similar to a 5k race, the volunteer team sends letters to raise sponsorship for their day of service. However, instead of running, the team serves a widow in their community.

Since starting in 2008, Both Hands has completed over 500 projects across the country, raising an average of $12,800 per project and has emerged as one of the leading adoption fundraisers.

Both Hands’ staff guides the family through managing the entire project and Lifesong’s staff manages the family’s fundraising account. No funds are deducted for operating costs. All of the funds received help an orphan be adopted into a forever family, a widow is provided with free labor and all of the volunteers serve their community. Both Hands – One for the Widow, One for the Orphan.

20150901-IMG_6699-EditAs everyone knows, adoption is expensive and fundraising can be tough. We were approved by Lifesong for a Both Hands project, which was a huge blessing. Not only did we raise almost $10,000, but we were able to help out our close friend’s mother who had just lost her husband. 

Our project did more than just help us pay our adoption bills. Being surrounded by our team while we helped Ms. Lou Ann reminded us that we are not alone in this adoption process, and we have friends and family who are willing to walk with us every step of the way. We felt so encouraged watching our friends (and some complete strangers) show up on our work day as well as donate to our project. Thank you Both Hands for letting us be a part of this unique adoption fundraiser. – Ryan & Sarah

Next Steps:

Not Adopting, but still want to Serve Orphans & Widows?

You can do a Both Hands project to raise funds for orphan care and support a Lifesong orphan initiative or raise funds for a church adoption fund.

Please contact Kory Kaeb for more details at

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