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artz263-830x1024A struggling business, a simple vow to further God’s Kingdom, and many divine encounters… These would be used as catalysts to begin, what is now, Lifesong for Orphans. With a family culture and a heart for the world’s fatherless, Lifesong for Orphans offers adoption financial assistance, foster care support, church and ministry partnerships, and international orphan care by serving advocates who help carry out this work of bringing joy and purpose to orphans.

Through their financial partnership with TMG foundation, all US administrative costs are covered, allowing 100% of donated gifts received to go directly to care for orphans and their needs.

The journey to Lifesong for Orphans is made up of struggles and promises and shows us if we are willing, God has a wonderful plan waiting for us.

-Marla Ringger, Lifesong for Orphans

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